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Exercise sheets/Quarter sheets.

Exercise Sheets or quarter sheets are a great way to keep your horse's hind quarters warm and comfortable in those cooler months.

Though endurance riders and some trail riders use them all year around.

We make them out of two main materials. Wool or polarfleece.Polarfleece is by far and wide the most popular of the two materials. With it's light weightness, easy washability and wide range of colours it has become one of our biggest sellers.


Again the sky is the limit when it comes to colour choices. So far we have:

In polarfleece we have:

Hot Pink, Medium Pink, Pale Pink, Sky blue/aqua, Navy blue, Black, Lime green, Forest/dark Green, Medium green, Red, deep red, Burgundy, Yellow, Orange, White, Purple, Royal blue, beige, Jade green or dark brown.

Argent Khan in his Black/White stay on Exercise Shhet

In Kersey Wool we have:

Royal blue, Navy blue, Burgundy, Red, Black,

Hot Pink, Purple and chocolate Brown


Any of these colours can come with a huge range of binding/edging.

In binding we have:

Red, Orange, Pale blue, Bright Yellow, Gold Yellow, Hot Pink, Dusty pink, Navy blue, Forest green, Lime green, Emerald green, Jade, White, Black,

Purple, Red, Royal blue, Burgundy, Biscuit, Brown, Olive green and Grey


Wool exercise sheets are $79.00 each.

Polarfleece exercise sheets are $49.00

New Removable exercise sheet are now available in the colour of your choice. They have velcro at the front that can be whipped apart when your horse is nicely warmed up. These are only priced at $59.00 for polarfleece and $89.00 for woollen.

They all come with free embroidery of your horses name in the back near side corner.

Postage is only $15.00 Express post and I can fit two in the one pack.

Below are some difference colour combinations, but this is just to give you an idea what they can look like LOL...the choice is up to you.

White & Navy

This was a gorgeous white & Navy exercise sheet and saddlecover for Andrew & Rene's wedding photos.

And this is Woody's black with orange exercise sheet and then contrasting saddlecover.



Pink & Black

Hot Pink & Black removable sheet

Pink & Black

Hot pink & Black Stay on sheet

Hot Pink & Black

Hot pink Removable wool sheet

Purple & Lime

Purple & Lime Stay on sheet

Purple & black

Purple & Black removable sheet

Purple Guinea pigs

Purple guinea pig removable sheet

Purple & White removable sheet

Black & Grey

Black & Grey Stay on sheet

Black & Yellow

Black & Yellow gold stay on sheet

Black & Royal blue

Black & Royal blue stay on sheet

Black & Orange

Black & Orange

Black & Yellow gold

Black & Yellow gold removable sheet


All black removable sheet with tail strap (on request)

Black & Yellow gold removable sheet with tail strap (on request)


Orange & Black

Dark orange & Black removable sheet

Orange & Red

Orange & Red removable sheet

Green & Yellow

Dark green & Yellow removable

Green & white

Dark green & White removable

Red & black

Red & Black removable sheet with tailstrap (on request)

Royal blue & black removable sheet with tailstrap (on request)

Royal & Pale blue

Royal & pale blue removable sheet

Black & Pale blue

Black & Pale blue


Lime & Black

Lime & Black stay on sheet

Lime & White

Lime & White stay on sheet

Lime & Black

Lime & Black removable sheet with tailstrap (on request)


All Yellow stay on sheet

Yellow & Lime

Sky Blue & Black

Have fun decking the whole team out in your colours :)

Sky & Black

Sky blue & Black removable sheet with tailstrap (on request)

Sky blue & purple

Sky blue & Purple stay on sheet.

Sky & Navy

Sky & Navy blue removable sheet

Sky & Purple

Sky blue & Purple removable sheet

Sky blue with Orange


Black with dark grey

Black with dark grey

Navy & Burgundy

Burgundy & Navy removable sheet

Burgundy & Yellow gold

Burgundy & Yellow gold removable sheet with tailstrap (on request)

Jill's removable

Burgundy & navy sheet on our gorgeous model :)


Brown & Black removable sheet with tailstrap (on request)


Navy & Hot Pink

Navy & Hot Pink stay on sheet

Navy & Yellow

Navy & Yellow stay on sheet

Navy & Red

Navy & Red removable sheet with tailstrap (on request)

Navy & White

Navy & White removable sheet with tailstrap (on request)

Navy & Aqua

Navy/red/white embroidery

Navy & Red

Navy & White

Navy & White


Navy with red binding & emerald embroidery





Black & Grey

Black & Grey removable sheet

Black & White

Black & White stay on sheet

Black & Royal blue

Black & Royal blue removable sheet

Black & Red

Black & Red removable sheet.


Black & Grey removable sheet

Black & Hot pink

Mercede's Grey/Hot Pink removable sheet


Jade green & Black

Lime, hot pink and Black embroidery

Orange with forest green

Navy & White

Navy & White

Navy & White


Red & Black

Purple & White




















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