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Saddlecloths Saddleblankets or Saddlepads

The colour choices are always changing here as we find new colours. If we don't have the colour you'd like please just email as we may just not had a chance to put it on the site yet.

We enjoy making just the individual order for one saddleblanket or to make a bulk order for a pony club or team :)

We also use Polarfleece (our most popular) . We aim to personalise saddleblankets to suit you and your horse.

In polarfleece we have:

Hot Pink Pale blue Sky blue/aqua Navy blue Black

Forest Green Red Burgundy Bright Yellow Pale Pink

Orange Purple Royal blue


In Kersey Wool we have:

Royal blue Navy Forest green Black

Hot Pink Purple Brown RedRed

Please be aware some colours can appear slightly different shadings on indivivual computers :)


Any of these colours can come with a huge range of binding/edging.

In binding we have:

Red Pale blue Bright Yellow Hot Pink

Navy Forest green White Black

Gold Yellow Purple Red Royal blue Burgundy Emerald

Biscuit Brown Olive Grey

We also use imitation sheepskin underneath the polarfleece saddleblankets that are lovely to cuddle and more importantly gentle and padded on your horse's back.

The choice is so much fun.


Pony size at $45, Medium size at $49, Large size at $55 and XLarge at $59.


Pony size $49, Medium size $59, Large size at $69 and Xlarge $79.



The idea is to look through the material colours and then the binding colours to select a combination you like. The true colours of the material may be a bit hard to on some screens, but again just contact us and we can send you some samples. This will help if you need a particular colour for your horse/team/stud.

Then comes the really fun part of going through the embroidery designs and seeing if any appeal. Also if you have a certain character or design that you can't see on our site, it doesn't mean we haven't got a design on our computer or we can scan your jpeg or gif and convert it to an embroidery. And don't forget the lettering you would like, this already included in the cost of the saddlecloth.

Emerson and Latte. So gorgeous together :)

Scroll down to see some saddleblankets made up and some of our new printed polarfleece saddleblankets.

Have fun!!

Sam McCarthy


Wamboin Pony Club

JUST IN !!! Pink or Blue tartan. Only available in wool.



Red with white binding and embroidery

MJS equines red with white binding and embroideryRed wool with white

Red wool with white embroidery

Red & Black

Red & Black

Red/Royal blue

Red & Royal blue with matching boots & helmetcover

Red & white

Red & White

Measurements of each size when laid out flat are:

Pony size: 82cm x 55cm

Medium size: 85cm x 60cm

Large size: 90cm x 65cm

Xlarge 100cm x 70cm.

But we can make your saddleblanket to your size specifications, you just need to contact us.

Zone 8 Square back.


Woonona H.S.

St Brigid's



Dark Green with White binding

Dark green with white binding

Forest green & Yellow

Dark Green & Yellow

Green & Emerald

Forest & Emerald greenForest/dark green

Forest/dark green with yellow gold binding

Green & Red

Forest green & Red.

Forest & Lime



White terry towelling with black

White terry towelling with black

embroidery and bindingWhite & Navy

White terry towelling with navy

White & Red

White & red

White & Yellow gold

White & Gold yellow


Royal & Red

Royal blue & red





Royal blue and yellow gold

Royal blue with yellow gold

embroidery & binding

Royal blue & Lime.

Matching boots

Royal blue & Lime

Royal blue & Black

Royal blue & Black


Sunbury Riding club



Brown with white

embroidery & binding



Royal blue/white

Royal blue/white

Royal blue/white

Royal blue/white



and embroidery


Lime/purpleLime and black

Lime and blackLime green

Lime with dark green binding

Lime/Pink with matching boots

Lime/black/campdraftlogo.Lime green and pink

Lime green with pink

Lime/Black with matching bellboots

Lime/black with matching exercise boots





Hot pink with black binding and number 24 embroidery design

Hot pink with black binding and number 24 embroidery design

Pink & Emerald

Hot pink & Emerald

Hot pink & Lime

Hot pink & Lime

Hot pink & Purple

Hot pink & purple

Hot pink & White

Hot pink & White


Navy with Red binding and JACK embroidery

Navy wtih red binding and JACK embroidery

Navy with yellow gold binding

Navy with yellow gold

Navy & Purple

Navy/Black & Gold

YAHS Diagonal

Navy & Gold yellow (diagonal embroidery)

YAHS Horizontal

Navy/gold (horizontal embroidery)

Hot pink with emerald green binding


Aqua with hot pink binding


Orange and white

Orange and white

Orange & black.

Matching boots & helmet cover

Black with white

Black with white

Black & Bright yellow

Black & Bright yellow

Black & Teal binding

Black & Teal

All black with Sky blue embroidery

Black & White

Black & Jade

Black & Jade


Black & WhiteBlack with jade

Black with jade binding


Black & White

Black & White

Sky blue/aqua & Pink

Sky blue/aqua & PinkSky blue/aqua & Lime

Sky blue/aqua & Lime

Sky blue/aqua & Purple

Sky blue/aqua & Purple

Sky blue/aqua & White

Sky blue/aqua & White

Saddleblanket with matching saddlecover


Purple & Yellow with matching boots

Saddleblanket & matching saddlecover

Don't forget you can get matching saddlecovers


Purple with lime

Purple with lime

Purple with emerald binding

Purple with emerald binding

Purple Lime

Purple & Lime

Purple & Navy

Purple & Navy

Purple & Mauve

Purple/purple & Mauve embroiery

Purple & Pale blue

Purple & Pale blue

Purple & Black

Purple & Black






Navy & Red

Navy & Red

Navy & Yellow

Navy & bright yellow

Navy & Jade

Navy & Jade



Pink with stars

Sky blue and black

Sky blue with blackSky blue and red

Sky blue and burgundy

Sky blue & Black

Yellow & black

Yellow & Black

All Yellow

Yellow with black embroidery

Yellow & White

White/yellow with matching boots


Yellow/White APC





Willowcroft regal Gem


Blue tartan with Navy binding

Western style

Blue Tartan in Western saddle style


NEW Pink Tartan

Pink tartan with navy binding

Blue Tartan

Blue tartan with teal binding

Pink Tartan

Pink Tartan with black binding and gold embroidery



Burgundy & White

Burgundy & White


Burgundy/whiteBurgundy and Navy

Burgundy and navy


Burgundy & NavyBurgundy & White

Burgundy & White



GPC saddleblankets

Navy & White

To go to the embroidery page please click here

Click on the dressage rider to go directly to the embroidery page.

Navy & Bright yellow


All Navy

All navy wtih embroidery


Navy/Hot pink

Navy & Purple

Navy & Purple








Pale blue and white

Pale & Royal blue

Pale & Royal blue





Black & White cowprint

Black/white cowprint



Pink & Lime apples

This one will give anyone a giggle, it's red back spiders with black binding

Pink fairies with hot pink binding








Sun north saddleblankets.

Here are some of the popular fonts available


And more choices in fonts :)Fonts


Postage for a saddlecloth is normally $13 each by express, though I can fit two in a $20 extra large express bag.

Also happy to use standard post for more than 2 saddleblankets to keep the charges down.

Dusty in her matching aqua saddleblanket/boots and girthcover.

Contact us at or

I ALWAYS answer emails so if for some reason you don't hear from me within 12 hours please phone as I'm finding emails are not always reaching me.

Look forward to chatting